Analysis of PVC protective gloves

- Nov 11, 2019-

There are many types of safety gloves, one of which is low in cost and widely used, that is, PVC work gloves. PVC is a material that is used in many ways and is often used as a dipping material for labor protection gloves. The advantages of PVC dipped gloves are obvious. It is cheap and durable and is one of the best choices in many industries. However, PVC protective gloves also have obvious shortcomings.

First of all, pvc labor insurance gloves are poorly flexible. PVC dipped gloves from the initial palm dipping to the current PVC semi-dip or even PVC full dipping, the area of dipping is getting larger and larger, and the protection is more comprehensive. Because the PVC glue itself is relatively thick, and the dipping area is too large, the flexibility of the glove is relatively poor. The way to increase its flexibility is not without it at present, but the cost will be higher after the improvement, and the market acceptance is relatively poor, because as the lowest-end product in the dipped gloves, the price fluctuation will have a relatively large impact. However, our company Shandong Shunxing Labor Insurance Co., Ltd. continuously improves the production process, and can produce soft and flexible PVC dipped gloves according to customer requirements.

anti-slip glove

Secondly, the pvc labor insurance gloves have oil problems. Another reason that affects the comfort of PVC gloves is the problem of gloves. The common latex and nitrile rubber are water-based, but PVC is oily. Under normal temperature conditions, PVC rubber surface will release grease slowly, especially under high temperature and high humidity conditions, so it will feel greasy hands after wearing for a long time. In addition, some manufacturers use cheap and inferior oils, which causes many users to feel stinky. The paste resin used in Shandong Shunxing is imported from Sweden. The oil used is environmentally friendly oil. The PVC gloves produced have no peculiar smell, no oil, and feel comfortable.

Therefore, not all PVC protective gloves are low-cost labor gloves with low cost and low price. Different companies produce gloves that vary greatly, and can be produced as long as they meet customer needs. In particular, customers now pursue high quality and durable labor insurance products, which can be customized according to customer requirements.