Golfing with latex gloves

- Jun 03, 2019-

In fact, golf wearing latex gloves and sunscreen can not be linked, the most important effect of golf latex gloves is anti-slip, increase the friction between the hand and the club grip, and another effect is to protect the palm and shock absorption.

The two hands are the only part that connects the club. Whether it can hold the club firmly has a great influence on the swing, especially the left hand, which is the key to the control of the club, so the golfer will let the left hand Wear latex gloves. In addition, wearing latex gloves will give the swinger a better feel, such as some lambskin latex gloves, which feel better. For beginners and incorrect hitting, latex gloves have a variety of effects, including preventing skin damage, shock absorption and injury prevention. If you have mastered the correct lever technology, latex gloves are not really necessary; for example, the famous player Campos does not wear latex gloves to play. However, most work players still choose to wear latex gloves, the primary purpose is to slip, especially in the case of sweating.