How to distinguish between true and false latex gloves

- Apr 30, 2019-

Inferior latex gloves will not only cost you money, but also affect your health. How do you quickly and easily distinguish between authentic latex gloves? When distinguishing between authentic latex gloves

First, we must look at the feel. Genuine latex gloves are made from natural rubber. They are soft and smooth. They are not hard in winter, but inferior products are hard and not soft.

Second, look at the appearance of the gloves, the appearance of high-quality latex gloves is bright and smooth, while the fake fillings are rough in appearance and dim in color.

Third, look at the raw material blending, the real latex gloves are produced according to scientific ingredients, no air leakage, elongated can return in time, and inferior latex gloves because of the low amount of glue, whitening when stretched and can not return in time, when inflating There are signs of air leakage.