How to distinguish the level of latex gloves

- Jun 11, 2019-

Latex gloves have different grades. How do you differ in the grade of latex gloves? The difference between the different grades of gloves (not only the difference) is the number of particles, and the number of gloves is low. Low), professional testing methods may not be available in some units, can use simple method: do not take each of the different grades of gloves samples, slice into 1-2cm square pieces, do not leave a clean beaker, add an equal amount of pure Water (no tap water can be used without conditions) about 100 ml, stir well with a glass rod, and conditionally shake for 1-2 h.

Visually, if there are more impurities in the pure water, the level is low, and the relatively small amount of impurities indicates that the level is higher. This method can be different from class1000 and class1000, but the distinction between class100 and class10 does not come out, and professional methods are needed.