How to judge the quality of anti-static finger cots

- Aug 13, 2019-

As anti-static finger cots have been used by many industry methods, various anti-static finger cots have been presented on the market. Jiangyin Miaojie teaches customers the physical properties of finger cots to distinguish the quality of anti-static finger cots.

The physical properties of the anti-static finger cot can be judged by the naked eye, the hand feeling, the tensile test, and the like. The good finger sleeves look like the finger sets are brighter and more lustrous, the appearance is flat and oily, the shape of the finger sleeves is relatively uniform, the appearance is not worn or cracked, and the length may be close. It smells like a strong pungent odor. Occasionally it smells like a normal rubber. It is normal. It should be the taste of the natural material of the product. The texture is soft, smooth, and moderately thick. Conversely, the inside is still smooth, without the feeling of rough grinding, and it is comfortable to wear and moderately tight. Handle the finger sleeve, the elasticity is strong, it is easy to pull the deformation, indicating that the finger sleeve is plastic and strong. Conditionally, it can be measured by a meter ruler. The length of a good finger sleeve is basically the same as the length standard on the manual.