Precautions for doing housework with latex gloves

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. Influential touch dermatitis. This situation is most common. Usually only the skin of the hands is red, itchy, dry or chapped. The reason is that the hands are washed repeatedly with soap and detergent, and the end is thoroughly rubbed. After wearing the hands, the internal air is not breathable, resulting in the influence; if it is dry Gloves are most likely caused by the effects of talc in the gloves.

In this case, the treatment method is: before washing the gloves, be sure to wash the soap or detergent, dry or dry the hands together before wearing gloves; if it is dry gloves, the internal talcum powder should not be too much. These measures can prevent the onset of influential dermatitis. Once the onset of dermatitis, avoid scratching, external calamine lotion and other antipruritic agents, the symptoms will soon disappear.

2. Allergic touch dermatitis. It is characterized by hand itching 6 to 48 hours after touching the latex gloves, dry skin or chapped skin, often accompanied by erythema or leeches, generally no significant systemic allergy symptoms. It can be an allergic reaction to certain chemical components in latex gloves or chemicals attached to gloves.

In this case, the treatment method is: another type of latex gloves can be used continuously, in order to prevent severe allergic reactions, it is best to use less or not. Once allergic touch dermatitis is present, oral antihistamines are required, and the symptoms are rapidly resolved with dermatitis.

3. Latex allergic reaction. Extremely rare. It usually shows redness and itching of the skin within a few minutes to ten minutes of wearing gloves. The symptoms can be seen in the whole body, often accompanied by urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, chest palpitations, and palpitations. Severe cases can present dyspnea, tachycardia, blood pressure drop, and even anaphylactic shock, sudden death and so on.