Progress in the latex industry

- Apr 23, 2019-

The latex industry primarily produces latex gloves, latex balloons, latex condoms, latex mattresses, and pillows. Wait.

Its equipment does not form a specification for the machinery industry, unlike boilers or other medical and health, medical equipment has the same formal, complete sets of equipment. There are also some construction engineering teams registered as companies. As mentioned above, its equipment is mainly made up of some welders, electricians, painters, handymen, and insulation personnel. The main structure data is mainly profiles (various profiles, I-beam, channel steel, square steel, angle iron, etc.), plus plates (stainless steel (mostly 304), carbon steel) plus pipe (stainless steel (mostly Use 304), carbon steel composition).

Production process: pre-vulcanization forming post-vulcanization inspection packaging sterilization

Each process has different inspection requirements, and the site records are sent to the laboratory for inspection.

Here is the process, the formula is not discussed, because I don't understand it very well. The first thing I want to talk about is the maintenance and repair of equipment. In summary: the main problems that affect the quality of products and ensure the quality of their equipment