Why do chefs wear latex gloves when cutting vegetables

- Jul 16, 2019-

We wear latex gloves for several purposes, others do not say, based on the point of view of food safety, the first is hygiene, wearing disposable latex gloves when cooking cooked food can effectively prevent food from being contaminated during cooking; The second is anti-broth. When we use microwave or oven to make and process food, we will use special latex gloves to avoid skin scalding. The third is anti-slip and anti-cutting, such as special latex gloves for opening oysters. In the work, the hand is cut by a clam shell or a sickle; there are also rubber dishwashing gloves such as dishwashing to avoid long-term soaking of the water by the detergent.

The latex gloves of the different textures described above are widely used in the cooking of food, but no doubt, no latex gloves exist for the convenience of cutting vegetables. Anyone who wears latex gloves knows that it is not suitable to wear latex gloves when doing fine work, especially when cutting vegetables. This kind of work is very demanding on the touch. Wearing latex gloves will undoubtedly hinder the operation. effectiveness. Of course, you must not tell me that the doctors wear latex gloves when they are doing surgery. The fineness of others is much better than the high-cut vegetables.