Can Latex Gloves Be Reused

- Mar 06, 2019-

1. Drainage strip

In the shoulder joint fracture, thyroid and other surgical placement of the drainage strip under the skin, simple and convenient, the effect is good; hand (foot) trauma debridement surgery, drainage strip tied to the root of the affected finger, block the blood supply, keep the field clear; craniotomy In the middle, after the electric knife wire, the bipolar coagulation wire and the suction tube are respectively wound by the drainage strip, the tissue clamp is fixed on the sterile single sheet to prevent the sliding pollution; when the electric cutting operation is performed, the spring becomes loose after the working handle is used for many times. Wrap the drainage strip around the spring to restore the normal elasticity of the handle.

2. Rubber band

In pediatric cryptorchidism surgery, the rubber band is tension-free after pulling the testicles, and the Yixing cold-twisting machine is fixed on the inner side of the thigh with a tape. The tissue damage is small, and the rubber band plays a role in chronically cutting the sacral tissue during the operation of the anal fistula. Wound healing reduces the rate of recurrence after surgery.

3. Finger sets After the nose surgery, the gauze roll filled with the finger sleeves into the nasal cavity, compression nasal bleeding, reducing patient suffering. The rubber band of latex gloves is not sticky and not easy to be broken after autoclaving, which is better than the rubber band purchased by the market. Ingenious use of discarded latex gloves, easy to take, simple to make, and versatile.