Latex Glove Impregnation Process

- Jul 01, 2019-

1. Provide excellent smoothness to the inside and outside of latex gloves

2. WF-78-123 is very lazy to calcium-containing substances and does not constitute any deposit or agglomeration in the immersion tank.

3. It is not necessary to remove the deposits in the dip tank frequently to avoid the shutdown of the production line.

4. High concentration, large dilution share, and reduced cost

5. All the components of the coating WF-78-123 are safe and harmless to the human body.

6. Check gloves and medical gloves are applicable

7. The coating consisting of WF-78-123 has excellent water repellency and excellent coverage with the inside and outside of the glove.

8. The coating of WF-78-123 has the same excellent elasticity as latex gloves, so the crack will not appear when the glove is long.

9. Water-based products, easy to use and safe

10. Coating WF-78-123 can also be used in the production line