Rubber Gloves Application

- May 01, 2019-

Handling sticky

Do not use talcum powder for a long time, do not press it, so that you can put more time, but if the rubber is too long, it will become sticky, so don't buy too much storage.

Application method

In the clinical nursing work of internal medicine, patients with severe illness and multiple ulceration are often encountered. After admission, routine use of air bed, balloon, etc. to avoid ulceration of ulceration at the ulceration site. The balloon can only be fixed at a certain point in clinical application, and its receiving pressure is also limited. Our department uses disposable rubber gloves to fill the rupture at the place where the rubber is used. The clinical effect is satisfied.

Method: Take 1 disposable rubber glove, pour in warm water, tie the glove to a knot, and then tighten it on the patient's arm and leg.

Function: After injecting warm water, the disposable rubber gloves can accept the pressure of the limbs. Following the different positions of the patient, the liquid in the bag will be adjusted to fit the skin. The patient feels fit and has no pressure. In this way, it is a very useful method to prevent hemorrhoids and save department resources.